The Wilson family has been a prominent part of the Geelong business community since the early 1970s, when Wilsons Real Estate was first established.

Wilsons commissioned SIXTWO to conduct a review of their existing branding, which had been much the same for decades. Our brand audit and review concluded that while the existing branding had successfully established a recognisible identity for the business and its key value of ‘quality service’, there was scope to update the brand’s positioning and identity as the business looks to pivot
into a new era.

Following the brand review, we conducted a series of interviews with business principals, in order to establish the team’s vision and future objectives and where they saw the Wilsons brand in relation to their competition. The results of this research were interesting, in that it was clear that the team valued the rich history of the business, but also felt they needed some significant changes in order to succeed in an increasingly competitive industry.

When creating the brand mark, it was important to visually represent the W of Wilsons, while also communicating a central theme of the brand positioning work, that Wilsons as a proud family-owned business, was deeply inter-connected with the community. The simple yet elegant intertwined lines that form the W provides that link, while also giving a nod to the past by subtly incorporating a diamond shape within the line work.

Finally, we explored a range of brand positioning lines to utilise as part of the brand identity. We landed on the statement ‘Geelong Property Professionals Since 1972’ as a simple yet proud claim of history, tradition and expertise – the likes of which competitors cannot match.

The Wilsons team has enthusiastically embraced their new brand identity, which has been rolled out across the business, on their website, stationery, press advertising, signage and social media.

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Wilsons Real Estate entrance
Wilsons Real Estate with compliments
Wilsons Real Estate business card
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